a hidden dimension. part 1. 2007

a hidden dimension.  part1 . 2007


This design tells a story of a mom who found out a peaceful hidden place for her own away from her house work and family.


Feature: Hidden Dimension Part 1
The material is a white birch. The design itself clearly speaks out my concept of the hidden dimension by following the form of a staircase. The design gives you the feeling that you just pick up a book from a bookshelf under the staircase and climb up into an attic to read the book alone.



hidden5_shawnsoh hidden4_shawnsoh

숨겨진차원 part1


스토리가 있는 이 디자인은 아이를 키우는 아기엄마가 자신만의 조용한 공간을 찾아 숨겨진 차원을 찾아내는 이야기 이다.

복작복작한 살림살이

장난감은 바닥에 누워있고

어느한곳 공기가다른 주파수를 찾아

나는 작은책을 들고 숨겨진 차원의 계단을 오른다   – 소은명-




+82 . 010 . 4305 . 2117


About eunmyung soh

Eunmyung Soh Artist I have been working on a conceptual installation job by picturing imaginary situations

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