a tree becomes a book becomes a tree / Tree Bookshelf


A bookshelf in home no longer has to be just a rectangular piece of furniture; it can now be a piece of art in its own right. This concept was inspired from Designartist Shawn’s early memories of sticking letters on tree branches. Introducing the “Tree Bookshelf”, a tree-themed bookshelf which changes form dynamically as books are stacked up and removed from the tree branches. Books become flowers of the tree, and indeed part of the artwork itself in its day-to-day use.

Material:           Powder coated Metal
Dimension:        W 1500(mm) * H 2160(mm) * D 200(mm)
Weight: 22.5kg







About eunmyung soh

Eunmyung Soh Artist I have been working on a conceptual installation job by picturing imaginary situations

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