exhibition / Inter Alia Art Center / POP UP EDITION

Artist :

구성연 Koo Sung-Youn, 권재민 Kwon Jae-Min, 금중기 Geum Joong-Ki, 김수강 Kim Soo-Kang, 민병헌 Min Byung-Hun,

성연주 Sung Yeon-Ju, 소은명 Shawn Soh, 이서미 Lee Seo-Mi, 이이남 Lee Lee-Nam, 조성연 Jo Seong-Yun, 황현신 Hwang Hyung-Shin

데미안 허스트 Damien Hirst, 게리 흄 Gary Hum, 줄리안 오피 Julian Opie, 마크퀸 Marc Quin, 로버트 인디애나 Robert Indiana






About eunmyung soh

Eunmyung Soh Artist I have been working on a conceptual installation job by picturing imaginary situations

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