Sunday Project with NormalObjet + designArtist Soh


One day lighting work

normalⓒbject + designArtist  Soh
{ once again ; Design Like you Give a Damm. }


“Design Like you Give a Damm”
‘normalobject’ Hangyu Kim and ‘design Artist’ Eunmyung Soh has joined forces to prepare a little project. We will be
at the ‘Daily Project’ Building on October 24, 2010 for a ‘Sunday Flea Market’ event.
The purpose for this project is to revive ‘Ulziro(the industrial district in Seoul)’ and to provide consumers with the
benefit of lower prices for lighting. We are working with ‘Byoungchun Bae’ who owns a nameless workshop in the
industrial district, where we found some abandoned old and interesting molds. We made some products from these
molds and want to show case them at the ‘Sunday Flea Market’ event. It’s a great chance for customers to get some
unique works and save money because you will be dealing directly with the manufacturer.
normalobject and design artist are happy to bridge the gap between consumer district and the industrial district.
thank you,
Hangyu, Kim / EunMyung, Soh

normalⓒbject  / Hangyu, Kim
B1 270-6
Yangjaedong Seochogu
Seoul, Korea.
+82 10 6278 1519

design Artist  Soh / EunMyung Soh





About eunmyung soh

Eunmyung Soh Artist I have been working on a conceptual installation job by picturing imaginary situations

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